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Identify,  Understand, 

and Persuade 

Your Audience

This is what we do for organizations like yours.

AgencyPS is here for all your measurable Marketing needs. Based in Toronto, but able to work virtually anywhere, anytime, we are here to help you reach the targets your business needs to succeed.


What We Do For You


Analytics, Insights, Segmentation

Who are they?
They are your customers, your clients, your donors, your constituents.     
But who are they... really?
We'll help you see what the data tells us.  From there we can add additional intelligence to create a sharper picture.  The resulting, actionable insights, will determine how each segment of your audience should be engaged.


Branding & Positioning

What would you like your audience to do?
How do you want them to feel?
What do you want them to remember?
These are just a few questions. 
To get this right, we'll need the answers to many more.  Including an in-depth analysis of what the competition is doing.
Then we can take a deep dive with you to bring a crystal clear focus to your objectives. And together we can map out a detailed plan to achieve your goals.


Measurable Marketing

What's the point?

There has to be a point.  Otherwise we're wasting our time and your money.  You need to know how well your efforts are working.

That is why we are absolutely committed to Measurable Marketing.

Beyond creating the optimal combination of digital, social, email and post, we need to monitor the campaign and adjust. 

Test, measure and reengage.


Who Are We?

Since our founding in 2012, our team of strategic minded and creative thinkers has been helping brands find their unique values. We map out the specific needs of each client so they can properly connect with their target audiences.

Our entire team, from top to bottom, is steeped in Direct Marketing by choice.  Our combined expertise in communicating 1:1 with B2C and B2B audiences is unmatched.  In short, we understand business.  As such, we never lose focus of your ROI and KPI's because we are all entrepreneurs and business people.


Connect With Us

100 Lombard St.
Suite 104
Toronto, M5C 1M3


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